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Green Button API

I was asked to help put some thought into the next steps for the Green Button API. First, what is Green Button:

Green Button is the common-sense idea that electricity customers should be able to securely download their own easy-to-understand energy usage information from their utility or electricity supplier. Armed with this information, consumers can use a growing array of new web and smartphone tools to make more informed energy decisions, optimize the size and cost-effectiveness of solar panels for their home, or verify that energy-efficiency retrofit investments are performing as promised. Consumers can even use fun innovative apps that allow individuals to compete against Facebook friends to save energy and lower their carbon emissions.

I'm just getting started with this project, and as I do with all my Public / Private Sector work, I created an individual project repository just for the Green Button API.

You can participate in the design and development process via the Gitihub repositories, and feel free to ping me @kinlane if you want to get involved. I will post stories to track on its progress, and reference on API Evangelist when applicable.

Next up, understanding what the moving parts are are, and start considering what is missing.

All content is licensed creative commons CC-BY and any code is available under an MIT license.

This is a work in progress, meant to understand how to best work with Department of End data and APIs, if you have feedback leave comments below.

This site is not an official Department of Energ project, Kin Lane (@kinlane) is solely responsible for its contents.

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